Skobel Charitable Foundation Inc

The Skobel Charitable Foundation Inc is working toward making grants and running programs to solve social and environmental problems. Our charity has an emphasis on effective giving. This means our goal is to work hard to make sure the money is spent on actual projects rather than the administration of the charity. Our team is visionary and always searching for new causes and new ways to help society.

We believe every person deserves a chance to live a healthy, productive life. We strive to give people the opportunity to reach their full potential by contributing to society. We live and work close to the causes we support. This allows us to collaborate directly and have high levels of oversight on all our activities.

Skobel Homes has generously decided to donate office space to the Skobel Charitable Foundation which is scheduled to be completed in 2018. We plan to expand the organization into the Alachua County neighborhood Brytan through the construction of an architecturally innovative, energy efficient, fiber optic internet ready building. This building will also house the TechHub offices.